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Wolves GM confident Gobert, Towns and Russell can share blame for future depressing playoff exits

The Timberwolves front office yesterday expressed their confidence that incumbent stars Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell will be able to share the blame for future lacklustre seasons with newly-acquired Rudy Gobert, despite worries from fans that there will be diminishing returns on such blame-hogging stars. “When you look at the atrocious fouls and mind-boggling shot selection in clutch moments from those two last year, it might be hard to see how there's space for anyone else to be vilified for our inevitable playoff failures in years to come”, acknowledged new Wolves GM Tim Connelly, sporting a stylish blazer made from the scraps of his contract with the Denver Nuggets. “But I really believe in Rudy as a guy with an incredible track record of being derided as the sole cause of his team’s embarrassing flame-outs. Sure, there’s a possibility of some bright moments in the early days, but with our complete dearth of assets going forward I’m confident we’ll have no shortage of lifeless collapses for these guys to shoulder the blame for.” Connelly added that he was especially excited by the 3-time DPOY’s lack of offensive versatility and looked forward to seeing the imaginative ways in which his new teammates avoided passing to him.


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