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Pistons to adjust rotation ahead of next loss

Detroit Pistons head coach Monty Williams announced this week that there would be some rotation changes ahead of upcoming losses to Indiana and Philadelphia, to avoid any semblance of continuity creeping into the squad.

“Everyone needs to earn their keep,” stressed Williams, currently in the first year of a $78.5m contract with the 2-20 team. “We need to shake it up to ensure we maintain our core identity of apathy and aimlessness, particularly in any road losses coming up.” He acknowledged that some were finding it harder than others to operate within that system; he pointed to rookie Ausar Thompson as an example of someone who is not struggling enough to find his feet, and is seeing his minutes decline as a result. Williams said he was confident that the #5 pick would “give up soon”.

As part of the roster shakeup, sophomore Jaden Ivey will be back in the starting lineup for the next loss - unless he already was starting, in which case he will be back on the bench.


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