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Study reveals US adults spend 35% of day watching Giannis free throws

A new study from Marquette University has found that US adults spend over 100 hours monthly watching Giannis Antetokounmpo take deep, purposeful breaths and slowly bounce the ball 15 feet from the hoop. “The results did surprise us,” admitted the study's author Matt Howard, whose research team collected data from 1000s of irritated adults. “We expected something like sleeping or working to top the list, but the evidence overwhelmingly supports that idea that for the average adult over a third of the day is spent watching a professional athlete mentally prepare himself to attempt an unguarded shot.” Howard pointed out that Antetokounmpo’s free throws appear to be restricting the amount of time that adults can spend on other everyday activities. “Many adults reported that they were unable to find time in the day to eat or interact with family, because they had switched on a Milwaukee game while the Bucks were in the penalty.” The Airball reached out to Antetokounmpo for comment; at the time this story went to press he was still preparing to reply.

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