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Leaked TMZ video reveals Victor Wembanyama communicating with home planet

The NBA was rocked by further controversy last night as leaked footage obtained by TMZ showed superstar draft prospect Victor Wembanyama communicating with creatures of similar freakish proportions, on what appeared to be an alien planet. “We are currently reviewing the evidence in question,” said a spokesman from the NBA, in reference to the grainy footage which shows Wembenyama’s right arm telescopically extending into the air and acting as antenna for his extra-terrestrial communications. “This is quite a sensitive subject, and we do not want to make further comment before we can ascertain the commercial value of an alien fanbase.” The topic has divided the NBA community - although some have raised concerns about a player not born on Earth entering the league, others have dismissed these arguments as poorly masked xenophobia, and a symptom of ‘toxic humanity’. “No matter the findings of this investigation, we are welcoming of all races, Earthing or otherwise,” emphasised the spokesman. “We would encourage those with further information about these allegations or the contractual structure of extra-terrestrial TV contracts to come forward as soon as possible.” At the time of print, scientists who intercepted the transmissions had not fully translated the message, but believe it to be a request for immediate extraction if the Charlotte Hornets obtain the #1 pick.


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