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Fearful Simmons asks staffer to check under bed for free throws before turning off lights

Brooklyn Nets point guard Ben Simmons has reportedly been struggling to sleep of late, fearing that free throws may be lurking in his closet or under his bed at night. “Every night before I turn off his lights I make a big show of looking under his bed and assuring him there’s nothing there,” said the Nets staffer who’s been most closely involved with managing Simmons’ fear. “It doesn’t always work though - last night I had to calm him down after he had a nightmare about drawing contact in the restricted area.” According to the staffer, even when Simmons has been safely tucked up in bed the fear of attempting to finish around the basket remains. “He told me last night that he can’t let his legs dangle off the side of the bed because he’s afraid he’ll be grabbed and pulled to the charity stripe to take wide open shots from 15 feet. You could see his entire 6’10”, uber-athletic frame shaking as he thought about it.” One free throw line, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they had reached out to Simmons in an attempt to educate him on the benefits of free throws when handled with the correct training.


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