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Enes Freedom shares chilling conversation with NBA assistant coach who voiced support of midrange

NBA free agent Enes Freedom took to Twitter Saturday, sharing a conversation with an assistant coach who quit his job after being ridiculed by the organization for his conservative views on shot selection. In the tweet shared by Freedom, the anonymous assistant coach described what led to the situation. “I think it was [other coach] and he mentioned something about how he thought that the league was at its most efficient ever - when we really started focusing on threes and paint shots or something like that. I don’t know, I think sometimes you just need a bucket and he just attacked me and called me a fossil.” Freedom was clearly disturbed by conversation, responding that “you’re getting attacked by people in the NBA just because you’re an old school coach, huh? Yep. Unbelievable, man. That’s crazy.” In the tweet, Freedom went on to reveal that the coach was made to feel so uncomfortable by his analytics-friendly organization that he quit his job at the end of the year. The interview comes after a summer where Freedom has hinted that his own midrange-friendly game might be the true reason that he remains a free agent.


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