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Catfishing victim alleges he was lured to Clippers with false promises of ‘superteam’

A 32-year-old victim of catfishing in Los Angeles has alleged that he was lured to join the local Clippers team under the false pretense of forming a ‘superteam’ with his catfisher. “He said we’d be the best two-way wing duo in the league,” recalls the victim, who has asked to be referred to by the initials ‘PG’ for anonymity. “He showed me DPOY trophies, championship trophies, Finals MVPs...I was skeptical at first, but he gradually won me over and eventually I found myself on a plane to LA.” However, the elaborate façade soon began to fall apart as he found himself starting alongside Marcus Morris Sr. “He would make excuses about his playing time, telling me that he had to save himself for the playoffs,” said PG, who said he still remembers the exact moment he broke into the training room in Staples Centre and discovered his one-legged catfisher wrapped head-to-toe in bubble-wrap. “He told me it wasn’t what it looked like, but I had seen enough. I found out later he wasn’t even planning on cracking 1000 minutes this season.” PG is suing for emotional damages caused by multiple underwhelming playoff campaigns, and repeated exposure to the Clippers logo.


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