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2021 Nets demand refund on dynasty-enhancing pills

The 2021 Nets are reportedly dissatisfied with dynasty-enhancing pills purchased from various markets round the league in recent seasons, claiming adverse side effects and organisational distress. "It was an impulse buy," alleged a source familiar with the situation. “They had been trying to build up their dynasty through natural methods for years, but they panicked after seeing the dynasties of the ‘15 Warriors and ‘01 Lakers in the locker room.” Researchers who have examined the pills have raised concerns about one of the ingredients of the substance; described as 'extremely volatile', it showed promising dynasty-enhancing outcomes in one study many years ago, but successive experiments have repeatedly failed to replicate the results. Initial results from the pills seemed to be positive, but the Nets soon began to exhibit worrying symptoms. "Before long, they couldn’t get their boys to come to play, and it started to really affect their confidence and performance,” the source concluded. The team was reportedly being consoled by the Rose-era Bulls and the Nash Lakers, who told them that their dynasty was ‘totally normal’ and ‘nothing to be ashamed of’.


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